Anna Mészáros (b. Budapest, HU; currently lives & works in Berlin) studied fine arts and sculpture at the Universität der Künste Berlin, at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and at the Royal College of Art, London and graduated with a “Meisterschülerin” nomination from the Objekt-Bild-Hauerei class of Manfred Pernice. Before studying fine arts she finished studies in Philosophy and Sinology in her hometown, Budapest.

Her work is shaped by the engagement and interactions with entangled spaces:  it concentrates on interrelations and situations that carry traces of different contexts. Her main interest is how different spaces are joint, combined, intertwined, or nested into each other. --- Spaces as actual sites, but also as functionalities, linguistic relationships, or visual constructions.
She focuses on image, space, and text relationships along these lines, exploring tendencies of spaces, rooms, or spatial interconnections when implementing images or texts into them. Her work evolves from the play with the so-created tensions, shifts, and splits, driven by the questioning of what resides in these.
Using different media in her inquiries, the most important themes of her work vary between concepts of language, pictorial representation, materiality, notions of memory, fiction, and absence. Painting, drawing, prints or photos, the body, found objects, and digital processes often play an important role; as do interactive elements or implied possibilities of interaction or change.

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