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- A series of photogrammetry renders of fence spikes of diverse front yard fences of London.

 //inkjet prints on paper, mounted on aluminum, 2018-2019// 

Photogrammetry is a technique to extract geometric information from two-dimensional images to take measurements out of photographs.
It is used for recovering the (spatial) positions of surface points of overlapping photos from all perspective angles to create a digital reconstruction of spaces or objects (3D) based on photographic (2D) data. The rendering process turns the so created 3D spaces to images once again. 

The way how photogrammetry is used here is at the edges of its normal use conditions: in this case it was out of question to shoot photos from all angles:
as being fence spikes the very function of these objects is precisely to hinder the access to one side.

The so created digital objects and spaces were accordingly condemned to fail: They became glitches, the 3D spaces turned into zones that are filled with all kinds of distortions: some of the surfaces collided, some details went completely lost, shadows became forms, shapes were interpreted as holes in the landscape or as mere image projections. It all turned out as a very indeterminate mash of depths and flats. 

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