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//engraved motives based on poster Fragments and other details of walls of public spaces, modular series,
60 units, glass, MDF, 2020-2022//

SILL 1, SILL 2 //concrete, steel, wood, approx. 20x25x100 cm, 2022//

BANK //concrete, wood, approx. 90x40x45 cm, 2018//

The glass works Inscription /Delving&Flatness/ deal with poster advertising and poster texts from the public realm. Recently published posters and their details were documented, collaged and digitally engraved on glass panels. The images are shown in a grid, on gray panels, so that visibility is strongly influenced by the color values and mirror reflections.
The focus of the work is on the perception of one's own vision in interaction with the shifts in meaning of the pieces of text presented and the shift in time, made clear by the specific time indications of the posters.

The small-format concrete sculptures Sill 1 and Sill 2 move in a field between exterior and interior space and refer to formal characteristics of shop window sills

Installation views: Presentation of Elsa Naumann Stipendium des Landes Berlin

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