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//chipboard, wood, paper, inkjet prints, steel, spraypaint, 2023//

Empty spaces and circularities seemed to have a particular role in Marl. The city center for instance was initially laid out in a geographically central, yet empty area. Or, important spaces of the city hall were left in a certain way “empty”: open, not part of the usual functions. The building-complex circles around these sites. The vision was to bring openness to the structures and to open up a possibility for something else.
The towers of the city hall are in a way circular too. They rise up and then reverse: a core pillar reaches up, then the construction turns back - it holds a head element on top, from which all stories are hanged downwards. The individual floors are connected back to the main structure by bead-like concrete parts, called “Knotenpunkte” (nodes).

The piece Knotenpunkt (Formworks) is an attempt to find the form of this linking component, through a mold/formwork in a scale of 1:3.3.

Installationview: Malbo, Classepernice in cooperation with Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl, Marie10, Berlin, 2023

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